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Being Bullied, is a true story based on the award-winning books From Bullied to Black Belt. And An Everyday Warrior.

I hope it is okay to post on here here as I have a project I would like to bring to film, and I am looking for a producer/production company that may take a look at the pitch deck and if still interested, the ninety-minute script.

We do have a USA-based production and distribution company that loves the project and says they would like to co-produce it with somebody. We also have a Canadian-based director who wishes to be involved and a UK producer who would like to be part of the team.

The formal pitch would include a pitch deck, a ninety-minute feature film script and the award-winning books, all of which are available immediately.

Briefly, my name is Simon Morrell, born in Birkenhead, living in North Wales and I am the author of the award-winning true stories, and worldwide-selling books ‘From Bullied to Black Belt’, and the sequel, ‘An Everyday Warrior.’ 

The stories are based on the extreme adversity I have faced in my life and the triumphs that followed. My childhood was fraught with bullies and an overbearing, controlling, and abusive father who saw himself as a big-time Liverpool gangster. He wasn’t in short; I saw at a very early age that he was a fraud and this itself added to my future problems. 

My bullying became violent assaults which saw me fall to agoraphobia and extreme panic attacks. I seemed destined for a life of failure before I met Julie, who gave me courage. At my lowest point, Julie would dress me for work, and drive to my father’s factory (whilst I slept in the back of the car) where I would stumble through the day on fear and anti-depressants.

As well as having to deal with my abusive (non-sexual) father, I carried the baggage of a vicious skin-head who made my life a misery in a stalking campaign, including violent assaults and a knife attack that almost brought me to my knees.

However, there were also moments of positivity when Julie encouraged me to return to a world I once loved, Martial Arts and over the years my recovery saw me (this is the main thread of the first book) excel at Karate, becoming one of the UK’s leading multi-style Martial Arts instructors and award-winning fighter. 

Unfortunately, as my success as a fighter grew, I became something of worth to my father who exploited my skills for his own gain and protection.

There would be many times I would bail my him out of his troubles, which proved a monumental mistake. I soon learnt he was in debt to heavy Liverpool gangsters and members of the IRA. As he hid from sight, I was left to deal with the threats and violence that would be inflicted on me, should his debt not be honoured. 

The story has of course, the two books in place but also a big media attraction and a short film, made in the USA some time ago (https://youtu.be/gRALopg9Lbk).  

I feel the story is much, much more than a martial art in film, if at all. It is a journey of fear, violence, abuse, but ultimately love and redemption. I very much appreciate any of you taking the time to read this and if you would like more information, initially my site is www.simonmorrell.com, my email show contact info but my further contact details are enclosed below. 

What they say about Simon Morrell and his work. 
“Morrell is the UK’s answer to America’s haunting bullying problem,” The New York Post. 

“The UK’s Rocky Balboa story!” The Film Agency for Wales. 

“Inspiring. This work is lifesaving,” Geoff Thompson, best-selling author and B.A.F.T. A winner. 

“Simon is Samurai,” Alfie Lewis, five times world champion.

Yours sincerely, 
Simon Morrell. 
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